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Review of Brazilian Waxing Class

Hello Libbey:

Also wanted to let you know that since completing your class in just one week, my speed time have improved tremendously.

Had previously taken a sugaring class & just wasn't grasping sugaring. Watching your video where you added sugar with wax strip on sensitive areas was a game changer for me. Plus our clients are having a more pleasant experience (less painful).

Next up will be taking your Intimate Class!


Haute B

Student Review of Brazilian Waxing Class.

You need to buy Libbey's programs. She is such a supportive mentor. I've bought many classes in the industry and what makes hers different is that she's there for you after you buy her class. Her passion for the industry and to truly help you succeed shows. I've added significant more value to my business, services and clients. After doing her Wax Your Way to $100K I'm confident about growing my Brazilian Waxing business. Thanks Libbey for your continued support.
I really enjoyed this class (Brazilian Wax Course) I would love to take more of your classes. You explained everything very clear and really good. I know that my journey is going to be great.
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