Are you worried you're waxing the wrong way?

Do you want to get quicker?

Are you leaving unwanted hairs?

Need to build your confidence?

Are you afraid of lifting and bruising?

Are you getting complaints?

Why aren't people rebooking?

Want to learn more techniques to Brazilian waxing? 

Libbey's new in person one on one Wax Training is what you need. You can choose between learning Brazilian Wax or Body Waxing with rollers.

Yes! I want to get better.

"I'd like to say thank you to @libbeylazarus for creating this course! It was easy and very clear!! I feel much more confident in performing Brazilian and Bikini waxes!!"

Lauren Ahmed

"Thanks for the amazing class, everything was quick and easy to understand."

Ashley Bathke

"First off, you and your sister are wonderful and easy to connect with. I learned a lot from your class and I'm super excited to start these treatments."

Show Me How!

Your Wax Kit Includes:

  • Professional Wax Heater 
  • Luxury Hard Wax Beads Russian Pearl 2.2LB
  • Epifit Waxness Aromatherapy Waxing Essential Oil Elevate
  • 100 Large Body Wax Spatulas
  • 3 Assorted Collar

Wax kit will not fit in carry on luggage if you are coming by plane. 

Also included in the class:

  • The Principles Of Waxing Bible
  • Vendor Product List with Discount Codes
  • Demos with Hard and Soft Wax
  • Hands on Practice
  • Refreshments
  • Certificate
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