Brazilian Wax Summit

We have 4 amazing esthetician educators, showing you their best tips and tricks for their Brazilians. This summit is going to teach you techniques to make your Brazilian waxing stand out from the rest. We are featuring: 1 female Brazilian soft wax, 1 female Brazilian hard wax, 1 female Brazilian sugar wax and 1 male Manzilian hard wax. Prized, certificates and Vendor Product list with discounts.










In these classes  Libbey spills her secrets to financial success. Learn from her mistakes and victories. 

Dear Beauty Creatives,

There is enough business for everyone.

Everyone you see is a potential client.

There is more than one way to do things.





My proven Brazilian Waxing technique will turn you into a expert waxer even if you are just starting out.


7 quick and easy ways to wax without leaving hair behind, improve speed and minimize pain.


Yes, I want to learn more.

Learn how to increase your clientele in as little as 1 month even if you are new to the beauty biz or just out of school.

Are you dying to get out on your own but you don't know how?

Are you tired of working for someone else?

Would you like to have financial freedom?

Here is the perfect solution if you want to start your own business even if you have no experience.

Sign up for Libbey's class, learn all her tricks and techniques to building your business plus a demonstration of her Brazilian wax so you can be free and live life on your own terms.

Teach me how!

Learn how to lightened the skin with safe and effective professional products

This is one of the hottest services you can offer. Must be a licensed estheticians, cosmetologist or student to buy suggested products. Class does not include kit.

Learn More!!!

Learn how to body wax. Less time. Less mess.

In this class you will learn how to use roller cartridges. This is a great way to wax legs, backs and arms.

Yes! Sign me up.

Janeida Griffin

Licensed Esthetician


Natalie Falletta

Licensed Esthetician

Sarah Ridgway

Licensed Esthetician



Licensed Esthetician


Licensed Esthetician


Secrets of Estheticians offers 4 online classes:
Wax Your Way to $100K
Brazilian Wax Course
Roller Waxing
Intimate Skin Lightening.

1. Here is the perfect solution if you want to start your own waxing or beauty business even if you have no experience or you are just out of beauty school.

Wax Your Way to $100K
: This course is designed to teach estheticians how to build a profitable waxing business especially for the solo entrepreneur. It covers various topics, such as pricing strategies, marketing tactics, how to use Groupon effectively so you don't have gaps in your schedule, client retention, how to prebook clients, effective communication with clients, there is a Brazilian waxing demo, vendor product list and certificate available.

2. Learn what they did not teach you in beauty school, this online class covers different waxing techniques with 3 different types of wax; hard wax, soft wax and sugar strip wax. It's a great way to learn the ins and outs of the waxing process and gain confidence in your abilities. 

Brazilian Wax Course: This course is focused on teaching estheticians and beauty school students how to perform Brazilian waxing from beginning to end. The course covers topics such as hair growth cycles, pre- and post-waxing care, and proper technique for achieving smooth and hairless results, how to avoid lifting, bruising, consent forms, vendor product list and certificates!

3. Roller waxing is often preferred by estheticians and clients for several reasons: Efficient, the roller applicator can save time in the treatment room, less mess, more precise application of the wax, less pain and cost less than regular waxing methods. 

Roller Waxing Course: In the roller wax class, students are likely to learn about how to handle roller waxes, how to properly prepare the skin and wax for hair removal, and techniques for applying and removing the wax. You will also learn about aftercare for the skin to prevent irritation or ingrown hairs. Certificates and vendor product list included.

4. As Brazilian-style waxing has become more popular, people are much more aware of their intimate areas. 

Intimate Skin Lightening: This course is designed to teach estheticians how to safely and effectively lighten the skin around the intimate areas. There are two anal bleaching demonstrations on a live model. One is an instructional step by step with product information. The second shows you how to seamlessly treat your client from greeting to rebooking. 

All of these courses are intended for estheticians, beauty school students or cosmetologist who want to expand their skillset and offer additional services to their clients. If you're interested in taking any of these courses, click on the links above for more information.