What makes this class different?
I can teach you do a great Brazilian wax in 10 minutes.
Hard and soft wax together is magic. Find out how mixing these waxes can save you time, money and get you great results.

In This Course

You will receive...

4 Wax Demonstrations on real people. Learn how you can customize your Brazilians. Saving you time and money.

  • How To Use¬†Hard Wax.
  • How¬†To¬†Use¬†Soft Wax.
  • How¬†To¬†Use¬†Sugar Strip Wax.
  • Product Vendor List.¬†
  • ¬†Diagrams.
  • Consent Forms.¬†
  • Problems & Solutions.
  • ¬†Pre-booking.
  • Digital Certificate. Certificates are not a license to wax. Please follow your state guidelines.
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The Beauty Business is a 445 Billion Dollar Industry.

$65 x 8 Brazilians = $520 a day

$520 x 5 days = $2600 a week

$2,600 x 4.3 weeks = $11,180 a month

$11,180 x 12 months = $134,160 a year

"I took @libbeylazarus Brazilian wax class & it was nothing less of perfect. She didn't rush through the course & was very thorough. I was alway iffy about doing them but definitely wasn't when I got done with her class. Any questions I had (& I had a few) she messaged me straight back with an answer to help me. Thank you Libbey, you're doing amazing at what you do."

Maicey Star Esthetics

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Demo on Model

Watch Libbey as she gives you 3 demonstrations, showcasing her waxing techniques with 3 waxes, hard, soft and sugar.  Each wax targets a specific hairs and areas.

Learn how to maximize each position: Butterfly, legs up, and side to side.

Product List

There are so many factors to consider what products to use and who to buy them from. Libbey has done all that leg work for you. These products and vendors are tried and true, delivering high quality and trusted to maintain excellent standards. 

Discounts available. 


A certificate enhances professional credibility, commitment to professionalism, upholding industry standards, and continued learning. Digital certificate is included. Certificates are not a license to wax. Please follow your state guidelines.

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This class is for licensed estheticians, cosmetologist or beauty school students. All students must follow their state licensing. These classes do not license or certify you to wax. Please follow your states guidelines.

Why should I take Brazilian Waxing Class? 
My class teaches you to combine waxes improving speed and cutting down on cost. Make more money in less time with smoother results.

Brazilian waxing is increasingly popular for its smooth results, but learning can be intimidating. That's where my class comes in. It's online, so learn from home at your own pace with clear, easy-to-follow demonstrations by me Libbey seasoned esthetician with over 20 years of experience. 

You'll get thorough guidance, from basics to advanced techniques, including how to combine hard and soft waxes for faster, smoother results and less product use. The course includes tips and tricks, a discount vendor list, and a downloadable certificate to enhance your professional credibility. Plus, you can revisit the material as needed for a 1 year. Ideal for refining your skills on your schedule.