Meet Libbey

Libbey has been doing skincare for over 20 years. Eighteen of those years she worked for big companies; her first 10 years, she worked at a day spa as Spa Director and Lead Esthetician in the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, California. She gained a lot of education through different training abroad and in the states from Aveda, Dermalogica and Bumble & Bumble to name a few. She is also a Makeup Artist who's worked on celebrities since 2007. In 2010, she went to work for a locally owned spa in Del Mar, California as Senior Esthetician and trainer where she spent the next 8 years.

Libbey often talks about how miserable she was working for other people. She grew tired of doing 15-20 services a day. Libbey knew there was another way. So with zero clients, a goal in mind and scared to death she finally decided to go out on her own. She started in a tiny room in a salon with no sink. With the support of the esthetician community Libbey started her business one client at a time. Libbey took classes to help her overcome doubts, fears and to further her education. She is known to be San Diego’s top Brazilian waxer using a combination of hard, soft & sugar wax. She’s also a beauty mentor and has helped many in the industry to go out on their own by providing online classes, training.

Meet Her Sister, Lisa

Lisa was born into a family of artists. The most influential was her great uncle, Leon Bakst. He designed costumes and sets for the Russian Ballet. Lisa began designing clothing at age seven and was encouraged to continue her talent. When she was 22 she earned her degree in Fashion Design from FIDM in Los Angeles. Then set out on a career not many outside of her immediate family supported. They said it's too competitive. Well she proved them wrong and designed for over 20 years before moving to the Secrets of Estheticians. She has had some huge successes having designed for Hurley, Reef, Reebok, Target and Kohl's to name a few.

Although she liked the design work she always wanted to have her own company. So when Libbey needed a creative partner, Lisa was the obvious choice. Lisa handles all the graphics, website content and technical side of the business. She is no stranger to struggling and that is why she puts her heart and soul into every class.