Build a Massive Clientele

Do you work in a toxic environment?

Are you dying to get out on your own but you don't know how? 

Are you tired of not being appreciated?

Does your manager have unrealistic expectations?

Are you being forced to sell something you do not believe in?

Tired of working nights, holidays and weekends?

Get Me Out of My Rut!

Are  you struggling on your own?

You don't know why clients are not rebooking.

Maybe your social media posting is not working?

Are you tired of asking your friends and family for help?

Are you tired of being broke?

Do you need help with your website, booking system and technology in general?


Yes I want help!

In the Wax Your Way to $100K  course you will learn:

  1. Promotion and Marketing that works
  2. How to use Groupon effectively
  3. Tricks to rebooking
  4. Getting your clients to love you
  5. How to handle complaints and mistakes
  6. Demonstration with live model
  7. Exact steps to my combo Brazilian Wax
  8. Vendor product list with discount codes
  9. Access to private Facebook Group
  10. Digital Certificate of Completion 

But wait there’s more....! You will receive Make Your Beauty Mark A marketing guide for the beauty industry Professionals By Kelley Callaghan, a six figure esthetician. 

You will be able to easily identify how to gain the attention of new clients while retaining your current clientele. From online visibility to networking with the right people to help grow your business, you will learn easy strategies to confidently get out there and make your business known! Made for beauty business owners, by beauty business owners, the strategies, and exercises throughout this book will get you excited, confident and eager to grow now!




Separating yourself from competition, branding legal forms, SEO, where to get your designs, free stock photos and more...

You will receive this Ebook for for FREE!!!

This course is designed for people that have a physical spa space and not a home based business.

Making Groupon work starts with the right mindset. 

Groupon is a marketing tool that you can use to increase your exposure to potential clients. Groupon is not designed to make you money, it is designed to get new people in your door.

What Students Are Saying


"I was a bit afraid to take this class, but I’m so happy I did! It does work wonders, I agree with you, Libbey Lazarus did the hard work, and now we don’t have guess work anymore. I am a very happy student and I think that its fantastic how we get a chance to see our business flourish! The feeling of fully booked days is priceless to me! I wish everyone that’s starting from 0 gets to experience this."

Gleice Fonseca

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