Are you ready to level up and become an expert waxer? 

The Secrets of Estheticians is proud to announce our 1st online Brazilian waxing summit. We have 4 amazing esthetician educators, showing you their best tips and tricks for their Brazilians. 

This summit is going to teach you techniques to make your Brazilian waxing stand out from the rest. 

We are featuring: 

1 female Brazilian soft wax 

1 female Brazilian hard wax 

1 female Brazilian sugar wax 

1 male Manzilian hard wax 

The demonstrations are pre-recorded and you will get to ask questions right after live with the educators. You will have the opportunity to replay the demonstration for 60 days after the summit on your own time so you can review. In addition students will receive special offers, protocol, consent forms, vendor lists, dos & don'ts, list of contraindications & certificate. There will be prizes given out during the Summit. 

Sunday March 26, 2023
at 9AM PDT
via Zoom. 

The summit is designed for beauty school students, beginners and intermediate waxers. Sign up today to get the early bird discount.

You can try to figure it our on your own or save time and learn from seasoned estheticians who have paved the way. 

What are you waiting for?

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Don't Take Our Word For It!
Listen to what Eileen Klein has to say about learning from Libbey.


Michelle from Bare Naked Brazilians talks to us about learning the sugar wax method from Louise Jackson...


 Lauren a spa owner from New Jersey tells us what she learned from Ivana Rivera that made her successful.


Sign up to get the early bird discount and more details.

Sunday March 26, 2023
at 9AM PDT
via Zoom. 

Libbey Lazarus

Female Brazilian Soft Wax Demo

Libbey Lazarus is a seasoned Esthetician, Makeup Artist and the Founder of Kiss And Makeup Now. With over 20 years as a licensed working esthetician Libbey is known as one of San Diego's top waxing experts. She specializes in Eyebrow and Brazilian Waxing services. To achieve quality results, she uses a combination of hard, soft, and sugar wax, providing her clients with fast treatments they have come to love and recommend. 

Libbey is also a beauty mentor and educator. She teaches online and in-person classes in Intimate Lightning, Brazilian Waxing & Business Building. Her Facebook group and Podcast, Secrets of Estheticians were created to help beauty pros all around the world.

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Ivana Rivera

Female Brazilian Hard Wax Demo

She is a 10 year seasoned waxer and owner of Hard Wax Solutions, Ivana Rivera's main focus is creating and delivering the highest education in Brazilian Waxing. 

In 2018 she became the designated educator for the brand Waxness, to help educate the esthetics community on the proper and most efficient waxing techniques to date. As a direct representative of the brand Waxness, she strives to support the esthetician community with education and the best waxing products in the world. 

She decided to enter the 2019 Skin Games to showcase her skills and attach a title to her name. Proving victorious, Ivana Rivera won in the waxing category, setting herself apart from 50 competitors, and taking home a Best Waxer award.

Her time is spent running her full service spa, teaching licensed individuals how to become the best waxer and educating professionals in our industry on the best products for their practice.

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Monique Waters

Male Brazilian Hard Wax Demo

Monique Waters is a rising star in the Southern Florida business scene largely because of her irreverence for convention. Her intellectual curiosity combined with her strong work ethic as a forever student has set the stage for professional success in the business realm. Her company, WU Aesthetics has emerged as a pioneer in the beauty industry. Under Monique’s leadership, this enterprise brings breakthrough advanced aesthetic trainings and products to the market. Monique’s creativity is the driving force behind WU Aesthetics’ popular ingrown hair serum, Restore Serum, her luxury film wax Emerald Gold and industry-best pre and post wax oils. A self-starter in every sense of the word, she takes pride in serving the local Stuart community, creating jobs, and stimulating the economy.

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Louise Jackson

Female Brazilian Sugar Wax

Louise Jackson, Thee Brown Sugar Sugarista™️, is the owner and CEO of Studio L by Louise, home of Luxury Sugaring (the hand ball method) located in sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL. Double certified in sugaring, Louise is also a recognized educator among her sugaring peers and is the lead educator and CEO of Studio L Sugaring and Aesthetics Academy. She is also the creator and CEO of Studio L Sweet Mat treatment bed covers, which are perfect for waxing, sugaring, lash applications and more. Louise is known for her trademark uniform business dresses and brings passion as well as informative and technique driven social media content to her followers.


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